Mediterranean Park

The IUCN members of the Mediterranean Region, noting that: the Mediterranean Region, because of its distinctive geo-morphology and history is one of the richest areas of biological and landscape diversity in the world, with unique ecosystems and endemism; the Mediterranean basin, during thousands of years, has been the cradle for the flourishing of civilisations that still represent some of the most extraordinary examples of human culture of all time; the Mediterranean region is a global biodiversity hotspot characterised by a profound influence of agriculture, fisheries and tourism on the history, economy and landscape and by relatively small protected areas with extensive interaction with local communities; the cultural and historical linkages among the different countries of the basin have led to a shared culture, and a strong sense of Mediterranean regional identity and solidarity, built around a shared sea;


The participants:

 Request a renewed and improved effort in the implementation of:

The participant members, furthermore:

The participants recognise that this declaration can only be implemented in the context of cooperation, solidarity and peace in our region.